LingoPath's Benefits for Students

Lingo People Optimized Programs for Student Success - - LingoPath offers the combined benefits of online English lessons with small group weekly live English classes led by a member of the LingoPath teaching staff.

Proven Success - - Our student satisfaction rate is high. Our success teaching English to non-English speaking students is proven over 15 years.

Excellent Value - - All LingoPath programs are value driven. They deliver outstanding benefits at an affordable cost.

Complete Curriculum - - We designed our learning pathway to provide weekly lessons in 4 subject areas (Grammar, Reading, Listening and Vocabulary) along with a weekly LingoLive English class with a maximum of 10 students.

Small Live English Classes - - Each LingoLive English class is directed by a member of the LingoPath teaching staff.

A Stimulating Learning Experience - - LingoPath’s course content is stimulating and enriching. LingoPath delivers positive results.

Interesting Topics - - As a LingoPath student, you’ll participate in online English lessons on topics that will be interesting and relevant to you.

Learning Linked to Student Ability - - LingoPath’s online learning lessons have 6 learning levels of increasing challenge for students with 8 learning lessons of 4 subjects in each learning level.

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